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National Guard turns their back on the Biden Inaugural Motorcade - "Not My President"

Members of the US National Guard refused to acknowledge Joe Biden as his motorcade drove by following his inauguration, footage shows.

Instead of turning to face the new president, 100s of members of the National Guard tasked with providing security for the event turned their backs to him as the presidential motorcade made its way to the US Capitol

“You won’t see this on mainstream,” commented one Twitter user. “Many NG had their backs turned as JB went by.”

It’s unclear whether the guardsmen had been ordered to stare at the vacant lot as Biden’s motorcade passed.

The video comes as the FBI conducted what amounts to a “loyalty test,” vetting the political leanings of the entire 25,000 squadron dispatched to DC and eliminating 12 members from their ranks over supposed ties to extremism following the January 6 events at the Capitol.


- Citizen First News Staff

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I’ve been trying to keep the faith being an optimist!!! It’s been really hard knowing how the left and China cheated all of us true patriot’s of America 🇺🇸 They can’t get away with this!!! The lie’n and cheating will get worse god know’s what they’re capable of!!! My young family of 4 is hurting from this outcome!!! Cheater’s and liar’s can rot in hell!! Self be true!!! Will bleed the American flag🇺🇸Till my last breath!!!!


I pray every morning for the evil hypocritical cheating liars to fade away into oblivion and for true Patriots like the Trump family who truly love our country and our people, to rise to leadership and power in our great nation and stay there for my children's and grandchildren's sake. SOCIALISM will never stand!!!


He’s ready to go behind the White House China JOE🇻🇳


Jan 21, 2021

God Bless Our True President..Trump.He will not leave us He has a plan and God will see it through .


God bless everyone who knows the truth🇺🇸

USA Flag
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