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‘Tiny Pretty Things’ on NETFLIX slammed for ‘obscenely unnecessary sex’

Netflix’s “Tiny Pretty Things” has been slammed for its “obscenely unnecessary sex scenes” by viewers.

The new young adult drama follows Neveah, an elite ballerina who is offered a coveted spot at Chicago’s ballet academy – after its star pupil is pushed to her death from a rooftop.

Each episode sees Neveah – played by Kylie Jefferson – find out more and more dark secrets about the ballet school and her peers, but viewers have been left too distracted by the numerous sex scenes to concentrate on the mystery.

Taking to Twitter, one viewer wrote: “there is too much unnecessary nudity is this show, why tf is every other scene ppl having sex or the characters sitting in the sauna with no clothes on… make it make sense #TinyPrettyThings.”

Another tweeted: “These sex scenes are a little much. They are teenagers. I don’t like the idea of watching this much. Just give me kissing and grinding when it comes to teens. If they were in their 20s it would be different.”

A third added: “The amount of sex scenes in Tiny Pretty Things is obscenely unnecessary.”

A fourth agreed, writing: “Watching Tiny Pretty Things on Netflix as a study break and some of the scenes make me uncomfortable as a 20-something-year-old.

“Why are there explicit sex scenes of the main characters? Aren’t they supposed to be teenagers? Am I the only one that thinks this?”

The series is based on the popular young adult novel by Dhonielle Clayton and Sona Charaipotra.

Reviews have been mixed from critics, with Decider advising Netflix users to “skip it.”

However, the Guardian wrote: “Overall, it’s fun. A comic-book story with a grim modern edge if about right for our current headspace.

“You can fast-forward through the dance bits or the narrative bits as taste dictates and probably improve your viewing experience.”

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