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Gun Charges Against St. Louis' McCloskeys was Dropped, George Soros Exposed

The man who had charges brought against him by an out of control and activist local law enforcement, was vindicated Thursday when a higher judge smacked them all down.

One court watcher reacted to the news and wrote, “#StLouis ethically challenged Circuit Attorney #KimGardner dismissed from McCloskey case by judge after she used the case for fundraising. Gardner was first elected because of massive financial support from George Soros.”

McCloskey posted on his Twitter timeline, “The Circuit Court has disqualified Kim Gardner and the entire St. Louis Circuit Attorney’s office from the case against me. We will ask the Judge in Patty’s case to do the same!”

KMOV reported:

“St. Louis Circuit Attorney Kim Gardner has been dismissed as the prosecutor in the case against Mark and Patricia McCloskey, according to court records.

The McCloskeys had previously filed a motion to remove Gardner and her office from the case, citing fundraising emails Gardner sent during her re-election campaign that mentioned the McCloskeys.

In those emails, Gardner mentioned the criticisms of her office made by President Donald Trump and Governor Mike Parson, saying they were “fighting for the two who pointed guns at citizens during the Black Lives Matter protests.”

The McCloskeys were indicted on one count each of unlawful use of a weapon for pointing guns at protestors June 28 when a crowd marched down Portland Place, a private street in the Central West End, on their way to demonstrate against St. Louis Mayor Lyda Krewson.”

Gardner is a radical far left activist.

Fox News reported on the case and wrote:

“The content of some campaign fundraising emails by Circuit Attorney Kim Gardner infringed on the McCloskeys’ right to receive a fair trial, Circuit Judge Thomas Clark II ruled Thursday, according to the St. Louis Post Dispatch.

Gardner’s emails suggested that by charging the McCloskeys in July, she appeared to have “initiated a criminal prosecution for political purposes,” the judge wrote, according to the newspaper.

“Like a needle pulling thread, she links the defendant and his conduct to her critics,” Clark wrote. “These emails are tailored to use the June 28 incident to solicit money by positioning her against defendant and her more vocal critics.”

St. Louis Judge Removes Soros-Funded Prosecutor Kim Gardner From Political Hack Job Against McCloskeys Mike Parson has pledged to pardon the couple in the event that partisan prosecutors secure a bogus conviction on the bunk charges.

Another court watcher reacted online to the story and mentioned George Soros, who is a well connected Democrat and RINO Party activist funding massive movements with successful tactics of community organizing to go around governments and assert his will.

“We saw it first hand here in St. Louis. Kim Gardner, another Soros DA has been a catastrophe for St. Louis. Murders are at an all-time high, and so are many other crimes….. It’s incomprehensible how this can happen, but it does,” the poster wrote.

Many Americans would like lawmakers, who are associated with Soros to be disbarred and removed from office. There was some discussion of that recently on Fox News.

Source - Kari Donovan

DJHJ Media

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