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General McInerney calls for President Trump to declare martial law and investigation of treason

Worldview Weekend has released another bombshell interview with retired 3-star General Thomas McInerney.

In the interview, Gen. McInerney publicly calls on President Trump to realize the seriousness of the cyber-war attack on America by invoking the Rebellion Act, removing Habeas Corpus (as Lincoln did) and initiating mass arrests under military authority.

This call by Gen. McInerney, a highly accomplished military veteran and loyal patriot, seems to stem from the realization that much of the existing government has gone astray and is now colluding with the enemies of the nation. State governors have gone villains, court judges have gone villains, and state election officials have willingly participated in organized, treasonous election rigging to bring about the overthrow of President Trump.

The military authority can be invoked by the President when government officials go rogue and courts can not be trusted, complete with mass arrests of treasonous actors, military tribunals that bypass the civil court system, and the military seizure of all companies that are actively working to undermine the United States of America.

Highlights from the new McInerney video

Here are highlights from this critical interview, according to News Target.

All items in quotation marks are direct quotes from McInerney, during the interview.

  • What took place in America was not merely “vote fraud” but rather “cyber warfare.” These were acts of war against America, using cyber warfare weapons and techniques to overthrow the government via a rigged elections process.

  • McInerney calls for President Trump to invoke the Insurrection Act, suspend Habeas Corpus, declare martial law and deploy the military to seize and secure all the voting machines.

  • Six to ten states were coordinated via cyber warfare to change the outcome of the election. “These are treasonous acts.” Russia, China and Iran were also involved, adding to the treason.

  • FBI and DOJ are completely AWOL on all this, not lifting a finger.

  • Chris Krebs from CISA was lying when he claimed the election was “perfect.” This is “complicity to treason” and Krebs is part of the deep state.

  • President Trump must declare a national emergency based on the EO from Sep 12, 2018, which names “foreign interference” in US elections.

  • Trump should also invoke the Insurrection Act. He must suspend Habeas Corpus as Lincoln and FDR have both done in times of war.

  • The Democrats, Russians, Chinese and Iran, have committed blatant cyber warfare against America.

  • The President must “start arresting these people right away, [under] this national emergency. I would declare martial law.”

  • Officials from five swing states were engaged in “pre-planning” of “treasonous acts.” Not just fraudulent voting, but treason. “They have tried to overturn this government.”

  • Chris Miller is in place at the DoD because “the military active duty is going to have to suppress [Antifa and BLM].”

  • The President should suspend the Dec. 14th Electoral College meeting, and the inauguration of the new Congress on Jan. 6th.

  • Estimates that 85 million people voted for Trump.

  • Military tribunals are necessary because the regular courts are not capable of sorting this out.

  • The treasonous actors should be arrested and charged, subjected to military tribunals. This is the only system of justice that is capable of functioning without the current level of corruption.

  • Suspend the inauguration until this election is fully investigated.

  • We the People demand this action from the President.

  • “This is the last free election we will have” if we don’t expose this election fraud. And Georgia’s runoff election will be stolen using HAMMER, Scorecard and Dominion voting machines.

  • The Georgia runoff election needs to be suspended until the election fraud is fully investigated.

  • “This corruption cannot be accepted. It is treasonous, and we must have a thorough investigation of it.”

  • The President must support and defend the Constitution of the United States against all enemies, foreign and domestic. These are domestic enemies. “Like Stalin says, it doesn’t matter who votes, it matters who counts the votes.”

  • America’s judicial system people don’t understand how cyber warfare works. So they are missing a real grasp of the crimes and acts of war being committed against the United States.

  • “The ownership and leadership of Fox News is complicit in a treasonous act.”

  • U.S. Marshals should have seized all the Dominion servers the day after the election and secured them as forensic evidence.

  • People who changed votes in the machines should know that they will be prosecuted for treason and may face the death sentence.

  • The government is tracking the conversions of ballots to votes. “That’s where the manipulation is coming in. We’re tracking that. We have that information.”

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Sooooo.... when will America be defended against ALL enemies, both FOREIGN & DOMESTIC?!

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