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Conservative Principal Gets Fired Over Election Social Media Posts – She SUES School.

Updated: Dec 11, 2020

When an elementary school principal in Pennsylvania posted a simple message on her Facebook page, she had no idea it would wind up destroying her professional career.

But that’s what happened to Evergreen Elementary School principal Amy Sacks, who made the mistake of posting private political messages on social media.

When the school found out, they promptly fired her.

Evidently, the school took issue with several posts on Sacks’ Facebook page, including a few that questioned the current coronavirus pandemic.

But all her views are “right of center,” as she confirmed. And she believes this overall tone is the reason why she was terminated.

As such, she’s now suing the Perkiomen Valley School District. And she’s not afraid to double-down on her views, or her belief that she was wrongfully fired.

Here’s a snippet from her recent statement:

"I am reaching out to you today to share with you that as Principal of Evergreen Elementary School I was terminated because I expressed right of center political views — PRIVATELY. Political memes caused me to lose my job. Nothing that I did was even borderline unacceptable — they were simply political viewpoints."

Sacks added that her First Amendment rights had been violated, and said the school district made it clear that “Freedom of Speech has no place in public schools.”

One of the posts that stands out was one where she criticized then-Democratic presidential nominee Joe Biden:

"This is a potato. If this potato was running against Joe Biden, I’d vote for the potato."

She also called out cancel culture, a hot-button issue between conservatives and liberals, especially in 2020.

All told, Sacks is asking the court to award her $500,000 for “emotional turmoil,” though that won’t quite make up for the loss of a job that would’ve ultimately paid her more during the course of her career.

The lawsuit alleges that Sacks was “terminated from the principal position without warning,” and her posts were slammed for being “offensive, unacceptable, and unprofessional.”

Her attorneys further claim that Sacks was never informed of her rights, and instead was “viciously threatened with career ruination if she tried to contest anything.”

This is something many Conservatives and Republicans have been screaming about for a while: the fact that they feel oppressed and even threatened simply for holding non-liberal political views.

As such, it’s an important lawsuit for everyone who shares Sacks’ sentiments. And in many ways, for anyone who respects the First Amendment


Key Takeaways:

  • An elementary school principal was fired for posting “offensive, unacceptable, and unprofessional” content on her private social media account.

  • That principal is now suing the school district. Her attorneys say her rights were violated, and she was also “viciously threatened with career ruination.”

  • This has become another important First Amendment issue, which remains a common topic of debate between Right and Left.

Source: The Daily Wire

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