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Black Lives Matters Registers As Political Party With Mystery Backing.

Updated: Dec 7, 2020

A “Black Lives Matter” political party was registered in the United Kingdom, but the organization’s official British affiliate denies involvement with the group.

Electoral Commission records from October reveal a UK-wide political party operating under the name Black Lives Matter (BLM).

The British wing of the group, however, insists there is no overlap between the political party and their organization, which is registered as a community benefit society under the name Black Liberation Movement UK.

A member of the group’s UK-wide chapter, Lemara Francis, noted: “BLM is proud to be a political organization, but has no plans to set up a political party. BLM UK launched in 2016. We have been doing grassroots community work and direct action across the UK for the last four years.”

The individuals and backing behind the group, however, remains mysterious in light of BLM’s leading UK affiliate group denying any knowledge of the political operation.

“It remains unclear whether the registration was made by BLM’s American parent group, who did not respond to requests for comment or another offshoot,” the Telegraph noted.

The Guardian “contacted a number of other groups organizing under the name to ask if they were behind the registration,” but appears to have not traced the group to any of the group asked such as Black Lives Matter/All Lives Matter; Black Lives Matter for the GLA; Black Lives Matter Great Britain; Black Lives Matter (United Kingdom); The Black Lives Matterparty; Black Lives Matter party of Wales; Black Lives Matter party of Scotland.


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