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"Dueling Tuxedos" - Donald and Melania Trump pose for 2020 White House Christmas photo -

Donald and Melania Trump wore dueling tuxedos in their 2020 official Christmas photo.

Donald and Melania Trump have shared their final official Christmas photo as President and First Lady of the United States (Picture: Andrea Hanks/The White House)
Donald and Melania Trump have shared their official Christmas photo as President and First Lady of the United States (Picture: Andrea Hanks/The White House)

The President of the United States donned a classic black tux, white shirt and bow tie, while the first lady opted for a black jacket, white shirt, cropped tuxedo pants and high heels Mrs Trump released the image on her Twitter page on Friday. It was captioned: ‘Merry Christmas from President Donald J Trump and First Lady Melania Trump are seen December 10, in their official 2020 Christmas portrait, on the Grand staircase of the White House in Washington, DC.’ The photograph, shot by official White House photographer Andrea Hanks, shows the Trumps standing on red carpeted stairs, beneath festive green foliage decorated with sprigs of holly berries, pine cones and white lights. The Main stream media keeps reporting FALSELY that President Trump and his wife are set to leave their Washington DC home by January 20, when ALLEGED "President Elect" Joe Biden will be inaugurated as the 46th President of the United States.

The New York Times has Falsely claimed that the president is ‘shrunken’ by his election loss, and ‘over’ his job as leader of the free world. Conversely, Mrs Trump has appeared happy and relaxed in her public appearances. The famously-private first lady is long rumored to have struggled with the attention that comes with being married to the world’s most powerful man. She was recently seen touring a private school in Fort Lauderdale, Florida, as she, President Trump and their 14 year-old son Barron prepare to move to the Sunshine State next month should Trump concede the elections. However The president has YET to formally concede his said defeat in the election, and has continued to make statements that the results were stolen from him. It is unconfirmed if and when Trump will enact his 2018 Executive Order which will allow him to declare the Insurrection Act giving him enough control to not only overturn the election results, but would open the door for the military to arrest those that were involved in what is thought to be the "Greatest Election Heist in History".

- Citizen First News Staff Writer

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