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Brother of Famous Rapper - Uzzy Marcus kills 2 women including his fiancé - Live streaming it.

The older brother of rapper Uzzy Marcus, Raymond Weber, was arrested last week after accusations that he live-streamed himself alongside the bodies of two women inside an apartment, and one of the victims has just been identified by family as the suspect’s fiance. Weber, 29, was taken into custody and charged with two counts of murder after police entered his apartment in Vacaville, California, following a long standoff on January 30 and located the two deceased women, authorities said.

Police did not initially release the identities of the two caucasian female victims, but Vacaville Police Sergeant Kate Cardona told CBS13 the victims were ages 26 and 15. This week, the family of the 26-year-old victim identified her as Savannah Rae Theberge and said she was Weber’s fiancee. A GoFundMe set up for her family states,

“Our dear sweet Savannah Rae’s life has been taken from her too soon.”

The 15-year-old girl’s identity has not yet been made public, but police said she was from Elk Grove, California, CBS13 reported.

Raymond Weber's fiancé - Savannah

The GoFundMe set up for Theberge states that the 26-year-old was born and raised in Georgia, where her family still lives. According to the fundraiser’s organizer, Theberge had plans to travel home from California, but it hadn’t worked out yet. The family is seeking support to bring Theberge’s body to Georgia “so she can have the proper memorial service and be at peace knowing she is resting in Georgia, where she belongs.”

Theberge’s mother, Enyaw Taylor-Theberge, said the young woman and Weber had just gotten engaged a week earlier, and the two spoke on the phone about the news. “This guy coerced her to go under the (inaudible) that they were going to be engaged and he wanted her to meet his family,” Taylor-Theberge told CBS13. She said when her daughter told her she was engaged to Weber, she was shocked.

“I almost fell out when I saw who it was, because she had been involved with him in the past and it was a bad experience,” the grieving mother explained to the outlet. “She was a good girl, and this was somebody that manipulated her and took advantage of her. She was not a drug addict street person.”

She told CBS13 when she saw Weber’s live-stream of the two female victims’ bodies, she identified her daughter from her tattoos. Theberge had a 4-year-old son and lived and worked in Utah, but her mother said she likely went to California because of the engagement. The young woman was about to turn 27 this week, her mother added.

The Vacaville Police Department’s press release about the incident stated that authorities received a call early in the morning on January 30 indicating that a man was inside an apartment at the Rocky Hill Veterans Apartments at 582 Rocky Hill Road and appeared armed. The caller said the man had live-streamed a video of himself on social media.

The caller told authorities she could see the man holding a handgun and there were two women who weren’t moving on the floor of the apartment. Officers responded to the scene and found that the man, later identified as Weber, had barricaded himself. A lengthy standoff ensued, and eventually, “officers entered the apartment and found the man hiding inside. After a brief struggle – during which an officer utilized a taser – the man was taken into custody at approximately 8:32 a.m.”

Weber’s younger brother, 25-year-old Marcus Weber, is a local rapper known as Uzzy Marcus.

Rapper: Uzzy Marcus, the younger brother of the Raymond Weber

If you or someone you know is experiencing domestic violence, you can contact theNational Domestic Violence Hotline or call 1-800-799-SAFE (7233) for confidential and anonymous support 24/7.

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